The Welcome Garden Building Event!

Earth Day Weekend:  Friday and Saturday, April 22-23

Please join us to begin construction of the Welcome Garden.  Pull out your work gloves and grab your hammers and shovels to help us put our values of radical welcome, generosity and abundance into physical form to build accessible garden boxes for The Welcome Garden. This unique project will allow people with various physical limitations to participate in the joy of gardening whether they need to sit, stand, use wheelchairs or walkers.

Donations of building and planting materials, (a full list will be available on our website next week) the loan of some tools, and/or cash donations to support the event will be greatly appreciated. Please contact our church secretary, Elena Parker, for general information (503) 357-9121 or Paul Edwards, our construction manager, for more specific inquiries (503-568-9680).

Click on the link below to view our “Material Wish List”


IMG_0499 IMG_0495

Site for our future Welcome Garden