Forest Grove United Church of Christ
Statement of Sustainability

At a properly called Congregational Meeting on May 15, 2011, this statement was overwhelmingly adopted with the expectation that it will be contained in the church’s Policy/Procedures Manual and reviewed at least annually.


Recognize the fragile and interdependent state of our Earth and all living things;

Recognize the need to protect and maintain the quality of our common life-giving natural resources such as water, air, soil, plants, and wildlife;

Recognize the need to join with others to bring forth a sustainable society based on respect for our planet and all its life-giving resources; and

Recognize our universal human rights to a clean and sustainable environment that supports social, cultural and economic well-being.


To one another, to the greater community, and to future generations, our acceptance of responsibility for preserving and protecting the health, vitality, beauty, and diversity of this planet Earth.


As members of this congregation and supporters and/or participants in the Be Earth Stewards Today Program, we pledge our encouragement to one another in a personal and congregational commitment to living this promise as stated in our Forest Grove United Church of Christ Constitution:

2. Vision:

a. Encourage people to see God’s imperative to love is extended to being good stewards of all with which we have been entrusted, including the earth.”

3. Values:

h. Advocating – We recognize that injustice and exclusion happens through systems. Our advocacy for change that encourages social justice and environmental balance is a path to peace and an expression of God’s love for all people and for God’s Creation.”

In addition to specific projects and activities, we make the following commitments:

We affirm and incorporate our Vision of being earth stewards and advocacy for sustainability into our worship services, celebrations, religious education programs, church operations, and construction;

We live lightly on the Earth and strive to continually reduce our environmental impact through our choices and actions, knowing that, individually and collectively we make a difference;

We support efforts to improve the quality of our watersheds and air quality;

We are vigilant and take actions to promote public policies, organizations and
institutions that advance sustainability and environmental justice; and

We celebrate the joy and beauty of our living Earth.