A Message from Pastor David

I am delighted to be here at Forest Grove UCC as interim minister. This is a welcoming and active congregation in a lovely and active town. 

As an intentional interim, I have the privilege of working with churches in transition. Rev. Jennifer Yocum, after ten years as pastor here at FGUCC, accepted a new call in Montana and moved on. This church, too, is moving on, starting the process that will lead to calling a new settled pastor to serve here. We’re together in a transition time, and it’s a great time to be well engaged in the church.

In the interim we’re finding the balance of all that’s best in what has been and all the possibilities of what might be. Lot’s of strong church traditions continue—the choirs sing, the homeless shelter will open for the winter, Stephen Ministers offer care to those in need… At the same time, we are also changing things up, experimenting, evaluating and affirming whatever best serves God through the life of this faith community in this time and place. It can be exciting. It can be unsettling. A whole lot of my work as interim is to offer assurance, hold individuals and the church in non-anxious presence, help us all to trust the process. 

We can trust the process because at its heart it is all about opening to the Spirit. I’m confident the Spirit will bless us all, from the longest present member to the visitor who comes through the door tomorrow. I witness how the Spirit is blessing the larger community through the congregation and its members. I delight in all the ways the Spirit invites us all into the coming days and months together.

Blessings always,
Pastor David