Our first message from Pastor Brendan!

Lent invites us to shake things up a bit and break up our routines in life-giving ways. The call of the Spirit pulled Jesus into the wilderness to be with God, to look for a sign, and to embrace his destiny. It’s during Lent that we join Jesus in living by the same call of the Spirit. We are invited to do our best during Lent to find moments to pause, to journey inward, and make room in our busy lives to hear the still small voice of God. We need not fear the wilderness because God is there with us and Christ goes before us. The 40 days Christ spends in the desert parallel the 40 years that God’s people spent in the wilderness on their journey to the promised land. In Christ’s journey, we see God fully joining us in our struggles and adventures. We are so loved and we are not alone. Sometimes we have to go, “into the wilderness” to remember that. That’s why I am suggesting our theme and our spiritual practice for Lent this year be, “Going Into the Wilderness.”

In the week leading up to the first Sunday of Lent, between Ash Wednesday and that first Sunday, I’d like to invite us to go for a walk either by ourselves, or with a loved one, or our families. Visit a place in nature that is scared to you. You don’t have to go far. It could be the ground you’re standing on right now! When you’re there and you feel present to God, find a small stone that’s good for stacking and bring it back to church with you on March 8th. We are going to bring the wilderness into the sanctuary for Lent, and with our stones, we will build a cairn together!

Cairns are piles of stones used to guide travelers on their journey through the wilderness. The cairn we build together will be a symbol of our being guided on our journey through the wilderness with Christ this Lent. I so look forward to joining you there and listening with wonder to hear how the still small voice of God is guiding us onward together.

Love and blessings, Brendan