Church Related Cancellations

Much love and many blessings to everyone today. During this time we asking everyone to stay safe and continue healthy habits. We are announcing at this time that Forest Grove United Church of Christ is canceling all worship services at the church until further notice. Any activity or event that takes place in the church is also cancelled until further notice. The FGUCC staff is working and brainstorming new ways to keep this faith community connected. Please be sure to check publications such as our website, Facebook page and emails for future updates. We will be presenting worship moments every Sunday at 10 AM. We will send out a link via email, church website and our church Facebook page for everyone to view. We also will be uploading videos throughout the week on our church YouTube channel. These videos will bring meditation moments, moments of spiritual formation, music and more. We love you all and look forward to sharing the love of Christ in new and creative ways.

Lenten Meditation Booklet 

Our Lenten Meditation Booklet is now available to download. Each entry was written by one of very our church members. Thank you to all who contributed. To download please click on the link below.