Upcoming October News & Events


Our church will join the community in the annual Forest Grove Merchants’ Halloween for kids on Saturday, October 31.  Please bring bagged candy to the church office (marked “Halloween Candy”) for Pastor Jennifer and friends to pass out from 4-6 PM on Halloween at the downtown merchants annual Halloween festivities.  Thank you!

*Oct 4th-NYE Meeting: All youth and parents interested in participating in the upcoming National Youth Event need to attend this meeting! Sunday, October 4th, following worship we will be meeting in the chapel. We will be discussing dates, costs, fundraising and what to expect for this summer’s NYE. See you all there!

*Oct 9th-10th-Flocking Fundraiser Continues: The Sr. High Youth Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser is once again on the move! We were unable to fulfill on the flocking requests last spring due to the high volume of requests. Fear not, we are fulfilling those orders this fall! People beware-you yard may be bombarded with some pink friends on the nights of Oct 9th-10th. Please contact Kristy for any additional questions.

*Oct 10th-Wine Tour: The Nurture Commission is throwing their annual FGUCC Wine Tour! We will be meeting at FGUCC at 1 PM on Saturday, October 10th. Transportation is provided as you will tour three different wineries. It is suggested to bring at least 25 dollars to cover all tasting fees. Childcare will also be provided during the trip at the church. There is an estimate finish time around 5 PM. If you are interested please sign up on the list that is located in the narthex.

*Oct 20th-Senior Lunch:  At our last Senior Luncheon we discovered the Talents of the Columbia River by Robin Cody.  At our next Senior Luncheon our speaker did not canoe the entire length of the Columbia River to discover her talents – she has displayed them over and over as our Coordinator and our second-in-command inspirer.  When Kristy delivered the sermon a couple of times for Pastor Jennifer, we learned much; she challenged our thinking; and sometimes she even got us to do something!  Surely Kristy will return from her honeymoon with new insights to share! All are welcome.  We hope that those younger than 50 will also attend!  For those who join us for the lunch, we appreciate a donation of $5.00.  Lunch is at 12:00 noon and the program will begin about 12:35 p.m., Tuesday, October 20, 2015.   If you wish to eat the lunch and are not on our senior calling list, please call Dottie Waltz, 503-357-4488. If you want to attend only the program, come at 12:30 pm.    Free!

*Oct 21-Women’s Spirituality Meet Up: Day of the Dead Celebration on Wednesday, Oct 21st. Tori Eaton is leading us in creating our own celebration for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead—All Saints’ Day).  We will meet at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a Mexican dinner (tamales, mole, etc.) and some traditional drinks (colada morada, chocolate).  Celebratory activities to take place in chapel after dinner.  You are welcome to bring items that remind you of loved ones who have passed—a piece of cloth, their favorite food, or picture.  Tori’s creating an altar and will make sure it is fragrance free.

*October 25th-Potluck & Halloween Party: All are welcome to partake in our upcoming Potluck and Halloween Party! Come bring a dish for the potluck and put on your favorite Halloween costume! We will have Halloween themed games, costume contest and much more. The potluck and party will start up after worship service on Sunday, October 25th. See you there!


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